February 18, 2014

On the island of Bohol in the Philippines doctors are seeing an outbreak of what locals are now calling  "asong loko" or mad dog.  Over 200 cases have been reported and news from the small island has been limited to what our source is calling a military black out of the region. As of 2/18 at 8pm nothing has been reported by the mainstream news.

Our source stated they work for a Christian Relief Organization and have drove many of the ill to local doctors and helped the local EMS to bandage the families of the ill who had numerous defensive wounds on arms that appeared to be scratches and bite marks.

The source has stated to us that the U.S.  Military is involved in the area and the source was interviewed and told not to say anything or they will detain them on terrorism charges.  All areas with known cases have been put under house arrest and local media has been quiet.

The source describes the behavior of the ill as that of an animal with rabies and they were told not to approach the sick and get away quickly.

The source also wrote:
"I am sending this information to all US media outlets and bloggers, for I do not know who is willing to share it."
*The Mindful Patriot is only reporting this story on the assumption it is correct.  We are also respecting the wish of the source to not be outed at this time.

*Update: New Email just in: Click Here


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