March 17, 2014

A must watch. Documentary covers the history of the 2nd amendment and the Militia.

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A black man was arrested in P.A. because he was open carrying, which is a legal. They charged him with disorderly conduct and the judge dismissed the case. I salute this man for standing up for his rights. If it wasn't for Americans like him our rights would be no more.

TSA confusingly present at non-transportation related event. / Photo: WCSH

A St. Patrick’s Day celebration and parade this past weekend in Portland, Maine, boasted a high turnout, and one notable attendee was the Department of Homeland Security.

The Transportation Security Administration, having long ago shed the “transportation” part of its resumé, was “visibly guarding the parade route,” according to WCSH.

The report doesn’t include explanation as to why TSA officers were policing the event, nor does it say how many officers there were or whether the agents were conducting checkpoints or airport-style patdowns, but their presence again highlights a marked departure from transportation-related endeavors – as their title would imply – and into the everyday mundane lives of normal citizens.
For years, the TSA has been slithering its way out from behind airport wait lines and on to the streets of America, using manufactured crisis and the threat of terrorism as pretext to gradually invade the lives of innocent people and wither away any remaining vestiges of a free society.
The TSA has already rolled out on to highways, train stations, and public buses around the country, but they have also made the audacious jump out of transportation and on to things like conducting security for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan campaign speaking events, despite these events having nothing to do with “transportation” whatsoever.

In an equally puzzling move, the TSA also made its way out of the U.S. entirely, flying overseas to conduct security at London’s Heathrow airport in anticipation of the 2012 Olympic Games.
The TSA’s stated goal is to keep terrorists at bay, but with the push to police parades and even the Super Bowl, not to mention a fleet of agents still eager to stick their hands down people’s pants, the menacing agency pushes us ever-closer to a full-fledged military occupation and police state, and begins to resemble the very terrorists it purports to defend us from.

A constant TSA police presence serves not only to overwhelm citizens, but provides the muscle to maintain faux control over situations. It also indoctrinates us as a society to accept this form of overboard policing as normal and conditions citizens to expect guilty until proven innocent treatment wherever traveled.

Unfortunately, if you thought you could avoid the blue rubber glove grasp of the TSA by avoiding airports altogether, you’ve got another thing coming.


At a March 13th town hall meeting at John Barry Elemetary School in Meriden, Connecticut, Governor Dannel P. Malloy (D) told a gun owner that he had lost and control advocates had won.

Malloy made this statement in response to questions about the constitutionality of the gun laws he signed into law in 2013.

Malloy said: "We have courts in this country. We have a legislative branch, we have an executive branch, and we have courts. Courts are where the constitutionality of things are decided."

He looked at the gun owner and added: "You've thrown that term, [constitutionality], around a little bit, [but the laws] have gone to the court and guess what? You lost."
Malloy added: "So what the legislature did has been ruled to be appropriate."

Last time I checked "appropriate" does not mean constitutional or legal. Also, Governor you have won nothing but the spite and anger of your constituents. Unconstitutional laws are not legal and the people will disregard them, like the many hundreds of thousands who have already.
U.S. Navy SEALs have taken control of a commercial tanker that had been seized by three armed Libyans this month.
No one was hurt in the Sunday night operation, the Pentagon said.

The tanker, Morning Glory, is carrying oil owned by Libya's National Oil Company.
The ship was returning to Libya, according to a written statement from the interim prime minister, which said Tripoli asked for help from countries in the area.

The statement thanked the United States and Cyprus.

The Morning Glory sailed last week from the rebel-held port of As-Sidra in eastern Libya
Libyan forces fired on the vessel but were called off by the U.S. Navy, fearing an environmental disaster. The SEALs boarded the ship in international waters southeast of Cyprus, the Pentagon said.

The situation remains unsettled in the North African nation, which the government is struggling to control more than two years after the ouster of longtime Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.
Meet the militiaman holding Libya's oil

In this case, the issue centers around the oil-rich eastern part of the country and one man in particular, Ibrahim Jadran. The militia leader was entrusted by the government to safeguard crucial oil ports. But in July, Jadran and his men seized them, blocking oil exports, and demanded more autonomy and shared revenues for his eastern region.

He said he acted because the government is corrupt.

The conflict over oil wealth is stoking fears that Libya may slide deeper into chaos as the fragile government fails to rein in the armed brigades that helped oust Gadhafi in 2011 but now do as they please.
The Real Consequences Of Gun ControlOver the last few years many in Washington, D.C. and across the country have relentlessly pushed for Gun Control and in some instances total confiscation.

Why the push? Why the dire need to disarm the American people?

First, the everyday person who pushes gun control are nothing more than sheep, low information voters, that allow emotional pleas to over ride their commonsense, if any. The people who have power like President Obama, Bloomberg and Senator Dianne Feinstein want gun confiscation because it threatens their world view and goals to achieve them. When I say goals I mean their goal of a Socialist Utopia, where power comes from the top down, because in their minds the masses cannot be trusted to have real freedom, I mean think about the children!

Former New York City Mayor Bloomberg pushed a ban on sugary drinks because the peasants after all, have no right to choose what they consume and cannot be trusted, not to mention the unconstitutional stop and frisk and extreme gun control agenda that would make Hitler cream his panties. Many in New York City have complained that the former Mayor has made New York City too expensive for the everyday person and transformed the city into a mecca for the rich and elite.
Notice her trigger finger?

Dianne Feinstein has been the anti-self defense leader since the 1980's. She was the author of the original "Assault" weapons ban in 1994. She has also been on the record of saying "If I could take guns away from every American, I would."

President Obama, or as some call "our dear leader" as been anti-gun since his early college days. He threatened presidential power to further disarm the American people, which to many law scholars is unconstitutional.  He hopes to strengthen background checks by breaching Health Information Laws to allow doctors to rat out those who they think are not mentally stable, which is heavily based on the bias of the doctor in charge.

Frankly, these three that I have mentioned are the key players or better yet, Soro's soldiers if you will. They want us disarmed because they hate the patriot, they hate red blooded Americans, they hate Veterans. Why? Because we the Patriots, see through their B.S. and their agenda.

Firearms in the hands of constitutionally minded patriots is the greatest threat to their world view, in which we are nothing but cogs in a big wheel to further their socialist agenda.  They know if they control the monopoly on violence they can push us into whatever scheme they want,with little resistance.

Some who are reading this are probably in strong disagreement with my statements above, but if you will, let me pose a hypothetical situation to you:

Say in a hundred years, your great, great grandchildren are disarmed in our lifetime and a president who takes the powers that have been delegated to him because of the erosion of restrictions on government by the people and decides to switch our government into a top down power structure which lets say only 20% agree with, how will you stop it without firearms, if the political process no longer works?


Lets say you and your family are all sleeping in your home and an armed burglar is trying to open your front door and you wake up to the noise and notice he has a gun, yet a few years before the government decided to take your second amendment away so now the .45 you kept in your draw has been turned in. How will you defend your family against the armed burglar? Call police? They are ten minutes away and now he has the door open, what will you do?

 I already hear some saying "well  its rare to have a armed burglar enter your home." OK, yes it is rare but there are two points to consider:

First if guns are banned crime rates will rise, based on crime stats from other countries who have banned firearms. Second, house fires are rare too, so does that mean we shouldn't worry about  having fire extinguishers and smoke detectors? After all, isn't it better to have one and not need it, than need one and not have one?

When the threat is criminals with firearms, the good law abiding citizen must have the equal ability to defend themselves with the same equal force. Do not be fooled into thinking if we ban legal firearms, the illegal ones will magically disappear, they will not and I will bet you everything that those illegal guns in the hands of criminals will destroy more lives  after a ban than ever before, because criminals do not care what the law says.

We were trusted with a great gift by the founders, Freedom. Unlike most gifts, freedom requires a great amount of sacrifice, respect and stewardship. Remember our rights once taken will NEVER be given back.

Don't believe me?

 look at the Patriot Act and how our dear leader promised to repeal it but did not and actually build upon it and now he can kill Americans without trial, just by his own order.

So I humbly plea to those who love this country, stand your ground against all enemies foreign or domestic, it is our responsibility to do so. After all, think about the children!

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