February 7, 2014

Over the last couple years China has continually asserted its rights over the Senkaku Islands and surrounding territorial waters. In 1969, it was announced that under the seabed around the island chain there was possibly oil and natural gas reserves. Since then, Taiwan and China have continually tried to claim ownership of the islands. In 1971, the Japanese regained control of the islands for the first time since 1945, after the United States gave them back after taking them in WWII.

In 2006, tensions between Japan, Taiwan and China amplified when vessels from China and Taiwan carrying protesters circumnavigated the disputed islands, causing the Japanese Coast Guard to step in and block them. Then in 2008 Chinese Coast Guard Vessels approached within .04 nautical miles of the main island. In July 2012, Coast Guard Vessels from Taiwan and Japan collided while escorting Taiwanese protesters. In 2013, China and Taiwan sent fighter jets into Japanese air space, prompting the Japanese to issue a stern warning.  Most recently, Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera, admitted that a Chinese frigate had weapons locked on a Japanese destroyer and helicopter, with the Japanese destroyer only three kilometers apart. To date, that encounter was the closest the two countries have come to full blown war. Meanwhile, The United States has remained steadfast on its position that that Japanese have ownership of the uninhabited islands.

In Washington D.C. Secretary of state John Kerry vowed that the U.S. would defend the Japanese against attack, including over the islands claimed by China.

"That includes with respect to the South China Sea," he(John Kerry) said, before correcting himself to say the East China Sea, where China and Japan have conflicting claims.

Secretary Kerry also reaffirmed the 1960 treaty that states the U.S. will defend to the death its allies in the region.  In response to the defensive stance the U.S. and Japan have taken; China imposed a must identify rule for planes flying over the area. The United States flat out said they will not comply.

What does China have to gain from winning the Islands from Japan? War with us. War between super powers most of the time results from one owing the another a large percentage of their currency. I.E. China who owns 1.4 trillion dollars of our debt and with another 3.2 trillion owned by foreign governments.

If China does declare war on us it probably will happen after the year 2024, when its projected that China's Economy will surpass that of the United States. If and when war is declared and after some time has passed and both sides suffer equal destruction the two superpowers will probably agree to stop the war and work out a deal. What do you think will be the first item of discussion? Reimbursement of the debt owned to China. Let's face it, we cannot pay it now, let alone after fighting a world war, so what could the USA do? One of the only things they have left, land within the United States. Your house, town or even state could be a territory of a foreign country. Seem to far out? Look what we did to Germany and Japan after World War II.

 Lastly, what if Japan and China are working together in someway to corner us into war. After all, the prime minister chose to attend the memorial of the fallen Japanese soldiers over the memorial that symbolizes the end of WWII. Time will tell.

For those who have served these videos might bring a smile on your face. For those who haven't served hopefully you will be inspired by the brave men and women who volunteer for this training. Please feel free to share a story about basic training in the comment sections. If you want to see me getting o.c. sprayed click here.

The Marines

The Navy

The Air force

The Coast Guard


No description needed.  Enjoy.

The President of Uruguay, Jose Mujica has achieved global recognition and criticism for his efforts to legalize marijuana, which overwhelmingly succeeded in January of this year. President Mujica and the left-wing liberal group Frente Amplio, have openly supported legalization since the 1980's and Mujica has been on  record stating that marijuana has an almost spiritual effect on people.   

Jose Mujica (AFP Photo / Miguel Rojo)
"Jose Mujica once said that he’s been looking for god but [hasn’t] found him yet. By legalizing marijuana and opening the doors of spiritual happiness to the young, he might not have found the god of other nations…, but he certainly has followed in the footsteps of Jesus when he said ‘Let the children come to me. Don't stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these,’" 

With such rhetoric about the heavenly qualities of the still largely illegal substance, it is no wonder the Nobel Peace Price could be in his future. After all, why not trust the opinion of a organization that gave the same prize to President Obama who to date has killed more people with drone strikes than any other president. 

So why would the world's more powerful and influential elite potentially give the award to a pothead? Maybe it's because if the regular Joe is stoned all the time without any negative legal repercussions, he will become more distracted by less meaningful issues and events, leaving the public in even less control of their destinies and willpower to resist the coming global change. 

Another aspect of the changing view of the elite towards the legalization effort could be attributed to the ability to tax, regulate and control even more of the wealth of the world's population. In the USA the government at state and federal levels would have to setup agencies to enforce policies relating to the sale and consumption of the plant. It would also legitimize illegal drug cartels in countries like Mexico, which are publicly known to have working connections with the DEA, like operation Fast and Furious which funneled money and automatic weapons across the border to destabilize the region and to push an unpopular gun control movement in the U.S. 

Not only will the globalist elite control most of the wealth, they will be able to push a drug on the masses that will only help them to achieve complete control by rendering the masses sedated and distracted by it.

*Disclaimer* The Mindful Patriot is not against legalization and holds to the libertarian principle that all men should have the ability to consume whatever they wish without any governmental interference.


Those of us who follow theories of the New World Order think we have it figured out enough to point fingers at those who hold the power, yet I propose a new theory called the Triangle's Shadow Theory. You are probably saying " that's just the pyramid" well that's right, but that's not the focus. The focus is in the shadows, where the truth lives.

First lets look at the Triangle's Shadow Theory and follow the path to the base. On the left you have the interests of the people and on the right you have the interests of  the elite.  Most Americans want to earn money through labor of some kind and some just want a check  (useful idiots) . Banks give loans and credit to industry of all kinds and hire according to earnings and to social & economic factors which are directly related to their area of expertise. Buyers of their services and or labor follow suit in proportion to cost vs. profit. Industry hires from the most qualified pool of applicants, mainly college educated, skilled labor or tradesmen who have completed higher education of some sort. To weaken the population, the banks force industry to move overseas lessening the need and eroding the collective I.Q. hence leaving the populace dependent on the media and equally at the mercy of the banks. 

Media tells the population what is relevant and what problems to worry about by limiting information. Thus, everything fits into an agenda(media bias). The direct result is policy creation or reform, which bends the will of government in the direction of the elite. Government then proposes solutions to the problems that didn't exist in the first place, causing a snowball effect and a growing feeling of dire need for more change.

While the above is occurring, in the shadow the true agenda is playing out. The population starts to believe they need the solution and submit to the will of those who have the "solution". At the same time, those who are awake to the reality of the true agenda, resist the agenda proposed by the media and by default the people who believe it. Government uses force and threat of death to make those who resist comply to the solution and there by framing the resistors as a problem that force by government can fix. thus they achieve the New World Order through majority consent.

The Triangle's Shadow Theory works because of a basic human instinct which some call "herd mentality" or in other words don't think just follow because everyone else is. Have you ever walked by a dark alleyway or by someone who just gave you that eerie feeling because their face was hard to see? Most people have experienced it and the typical response is to shrug it off; or push it out of their minds because it isn't comfortable. In essence, this behavior is submission which is the last step and the most important for the New World Order to rise to power. 

UPDATE: Singer Avicii's Music Video "Wake Me Up" proves this theory? 

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