February 12, 2014

10.p.m on January 29, Vidya Kaipa was on a train and captured a intoxicated black man refusing to get off the train but not posing a threat to anyone. An Officer is seen repeatedly asking him to get off the train, when the man asks why he needs to leave, the officer fires his taser at him and he falls to the ground.

 So now it's legal for a cop to tase you...well..just because.

EarthmastersNPR will being running a story at 7 pm EST tonight, on All Things Considered about Geo-Engineering with special guest Clive Hamilton who is the author of Earth Masters: The Dawn Of The Age Of Climate Engineering. The topic of the show is planned to be about how nations will use risky technology to address the climate "catastrophe" that is heading our way.

Mr. Hamilton had this to say about what "could" possibly occur in the next ten years.

"So as the climatic emergencies unfold under the next decade," he says, "there's going to be a call for political leaders to do something. Desperate times call for desperate measures. For example, if you spray sulfur particles high into the stratosphere, scientists are confident that will cool the planet. It will doubtless have other unanticipated effects as well — and those could cause political conflict and ecological harm."

It is rather funny how he said "scientists are confident about the effects of sulfur particles in the stratosphere." Did they try it? Are they still using this method?

 The people behind the new climate gate are scrambling for something fresh to scare us with and this time they picked something from their own scientific playbook and released it on the populace.

Was it to see if the low information public believes it or even cares?

Could it be that what some consider climate change is actually chem-trail related and used to scare us into a new agenda or order? 

Or was it a well intended experiment that went horribly wrong?

 It doesn't really matter why it started but it is clear they are already trying to shift blame onto the "evil" conservatives.

To that affect Mr. Hamilton added this:
Australian social scientist Clive Hamilton worries that a climate crisis will invite high-risk solutions.
 " The politics of it are, for conservatives, extremely attractive," he says. "You don't have to put taxes on gas or electricity. You don't have to ask consumers to change their lifestyles. You don't have to take on fossil-fuel corporations. And, on the other hand, it's a kind of vindication of man's technological supremacy."

It should be noted that NPR receives all it's funding from donations with a partial budget allocated by the federal government. One of the largest private donors is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As you know the Gates are one of the richest duos in the country and they are also one of the largest liberal policy supporters too. It is no wonder NPR is running this story that clearly twists Chem-trails into a future issue, even though it had started in the United States 50 years ago.

The Patriots over at Fair DUI have created a way to help citizens exercise their rights without saying a word at DUI check points. On their website Fair DUI they offer a free flyer to assist in shutting revenue collectors down. Below is an example:

On the YouTube channel  Honor Your Oath, you can see Mr. Gray exercising his rights while filming, open carrying and passing through check points of all kinds.

Mr. Gray also contributes to Photography Is Not A Crime. An awesome resource for anyone who wants to film police and other public officials. 

So the next time you find yourself at a DUI checkpoint and you just want to be on your way, try this flyer. I did and I never had to roll down my window and I was on my way. Thanks guys!

Last year the United States saw the quickest decline in the
right to free speech. The new report from the World Press Freedom Index, showed the U.S. dropping 13 spots to 46th out 180 on the index. The study noted the public witch hunt for Edward Snowden and the prosecution of Bradly Manning by the U.S. Government for leaking secret information to the public.

"Investigative journalism often suffers as a result” of a “disturbing retreat from democratic practices,” the RWB report said.

Also used to determine the United States's rightful spot on the index, the report states thousands and thousands of Associated Press phone calls were intercepted. One of those was New York Times reporter James Risen who refused to testify against whistle blower Jeffrey Sterling and now faces a long prison sentence for exercising his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.

Mr. Risen wasn't the only reporter unconstitutionally attacked. According to the World Press, numerous Journalists have been pressured with subpoenas to reveal sources that journalists need to have so that they can maintain and protect the balance of the citizen's right to know.

So what is the goal of this? Check out The Triangle's Shadow Theory . You will see the chain effect those who want to have an monopoly on control of information and how they also want to keep the  population distracted from the reality that the world we know is changing faster than they can keep up with.

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