February 8, 2014

A recorded phone call was leaked on YouTube which claims to contain an U.S. diplomat to Europe and Assistant Secretary for European Affairs Victoria Nuland, discussing frustrations about the current inaction by the European Union to address growing dismay in the Ukraine. In the past few months anger over the Ukrainian Government's unwillingness to listen to the majority of the population has exploded into the streets with protests, resulting in several deaths.

In the recorded phone conversation you can clearly hear both parties allegedly discussing their anger about the EU dragging their feet and letting the conflict continue. At one point you hear what sounds like Ms. Nuland's voice saying "F**k the EU." After she had mentioned the EU's lack of stepping in and taking a stand in the region to help ease the turmoil.

 Russia conveniently timed a P.R. blitz bashing the West for encouraging the protesters and paying agents to instigate more violence in the region. The United States fired back and blamed Russia for leaking the call. The first mention of the leaked call came from Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin's office which is undeniable proof of Russia's involvement in the leak.

This is another planned disinformation attack by Russia's FSB (Russian Intelligence Service) which models their tactics after the communist era KGB.

How could the FSB reproduce the voices of these two people? Easily, by using voice clone software developed to mimic living and dead people's voices for advertisements on radio and phone lines. A little research and you find articles discussing the technology which is currently being developed and isn't available to the public. Common knowledge dictates government gets new technology first and the ordinary folk have to wait 10 to 20 years. Check here for an article on the subject.

This isn't the first time Russia has used propaganda to aid them in getting what they want. Black propaganda or vital disinformation was heavily used to discredit America during the Korean War. Disinformation included reporting that Americans were killing villagers and committing rape on women, at the same time claiming the use of biological and chemical weapons were being used on the civilian population. It would later be found that the Russians were behind the deaths. In the last years of the USSR, propaganda was released that claimed AIDS was created by the United States Government to destroy the black population in efforts to create civil unrest within the U.S.

Other theory of destabilization in the Ukraine is that the Russian Government as increased the mortality rate by using carcinogenic chemicals in the water and air. Since the 1990's the country's population has been decreasing by an average of 150,000 a year. In 2007, the country's population was dying off at the fourth fastest rate in the world and Since life span is shorter than most countries, the Ukrainian government has increased welfare benefits to the highest level in that part of the world, hoping to offset the public's unwillingness to have children.



  1. "The United States fired back and blamed Russia for leaking the call."

    what call? I thought the Russkies simulated it with software.

  2. I believe the USA also has used the same software to make Osama Bin laden recordings to justify the War on Terror, so it would not benefit the USA to disclose it's use.


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