May 6, 2014

Father of a student is arrested for violating a school board meeting rule, all because the school is forcing  children to read a book called "15 minutes" which has textually graphic sex/rape scenes. I believe this is another side effect of Common Core and the growing police presence in our public schools.

The primary Florida legislative initiative to repeal the state’s Stand-Your-Ground — SB116, embedded below — has officially died a sad little death in the state senate, as reported on the official state Senate legislative tracking site.  (This also effectively  dooms the complementary bill introduced in the state house, H4003.)
Introduced by Florida state Senator Geraldine F. “Geri” Thompson, whose district includes urban Orlando, SB116 met with only limited legislative success.
Oh, did I say “limited legislative success?” Sorry, I meant “no success.” Literally. None.
Filed on August 22, 2013, it was referred to the three committees necessary for any criminal law bill to advance to a full senate vote — the Judiciary, the Criminal Justice, and the Rules committees.
In the Judiciary committee the vote in favor of the bill was . . . well, they never even got it to a vote.
Police state.

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