February 7, 2014


Those of us who follow theories of the New World Order think we have it figured out enough to point fingers at those who hold the power, yet I propose a new theory called the Triangle's Shadow Theory. You are probably saying " that's just the pyramid" well that's right, but that's not the focus. The focus is in the shadows, where the truth lives.

First lets look at the Triangle's Shadow Theory and follow the path to the base. On the left you have the interests of the people and on the right you have the interests of  the elite.  Most Americans want to earn money through labor of some kind and some just want a check  (useful idiots) . Banks give loans and credit to industry of all kinds and hire according to earnings and to social & economic factors which are directly related to their area of expertise. Buyers of their services and or labor follow suit in proportion to cost vs. profit. Industry hires from the most qualified pool of applicants, mainly college educated, skilled labor or tradesmen who have completed higher education of some sort. To weaken the population, the banks force industry to move overseas lessening the need and eroding the collective I.Q. hence leaving the populace dependent on the media and equally at the mercy of the banks. 

Media tells the population what is relevant and what problems to worry about by limiting information. Thus, everything fits into an agenda(media bias). The direct result is policy creation or reform, which bends the will of government in the direction of the elite. Government then proposes solutions to the problems that didn't exist in the first place, causing a snowball effect and a growing feeling of dire need for more change.

While the above is occurring, in the shadow the true agenda is playing out. The population starts to believe they need the solution and submit to the will of those who have the "solution". At the same time, those who are awake to the reality of the true agenda, resist the agenda proposed by the media and by default the people who believe it. Government uses force and threat of death to make those who resist comply to the solution and there by framing the resistors as a problem that force by government can fix. thus they achieve the New World Order through majority consent.

The Triangle's Shadow Theory works because of a basic human instinct which some call "herd mentality" or in other words don't think just follow because everyone else is. Have you ever walked by a dark alleyway or by someone who just gave you that eerie feeling because their face was hard to see? Most people have experienced it and the typical response is to shrug it off; or push it out of their minds because it isn't comfortable. In essence, this behavior is submission which is the last step and the most important for the New World Order to rise to power. 

UPDATE: Singer Avicii's Music Video "Wake Me Up" proves this theory? 

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