March 22, 2014

Are they serious?! Just lay there and take it?!!
Sarah Brady founder of the Brady Campaign has relentlessly attacked the people's right to bear arms and has been on the record of saying things that Mao, Hitler and Stalin would get behind.


"We must get rid of all the guns!"
 "The House passage of our bill is a victory for this country! Common sense wins out. I'm just so thrilled and excited. The sale of guns must stop. Halfway measures are not enough."

So the most prominent leader in gun control doesn't think we have the right to have firearms; shouldn't our president be outright denouncing the Brady Campaign for promoting unconstitutional principles publicly, after all he did take an oath to defend the constitution against enemies foreign and domestic.

Let's see what our dear President has to say about the Brady Campaign...
 “I just want you to know that we are working on it,” Barack Obama reportedly told Sarah Brady regarding gun control. “We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar.”

Wait a minute....Our Dear President is working with Sarah Brady under the radar? He has broken his Oath and is working to disarm the American people! Wait a second, maybe I am missing something, let's dig deeper into our Dear President's past, I mean it must be a mistake...

When President Obama was in college he ran into John Lott and after a few words, our Dear President said "Americans shouldn't be allowed to have guns."


Seriously, I know most who are reading this already know this stuff, but those who really think gun control is about making us safe and keeping guns out of criminal hands, really need to reevaluate their stance on the subject because the gun grabbers truly hope you remain ignorant about their true intentions and become defenseless.

 How many firearms protect the powerful?

Why can't we have the same right to defend our families in the same way?

Because they view us as being the potential threat because they know the laws they are passing are against the Constitution and they know we all will awaken some day and demand our rights back with force!

For the Patriots out there:

Do not lose hope, there are millions of Americans ready and willing to defend this country and our Constitution from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.

Be prepared, be vigilant and God bless.


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