June 10, 2014

The rash of insane gunmen targeting gun-free zones and the ever increasing demonetization of the liberty movement, including labeling "Don't Tread On Me" as a terrorist slogan and the whole exclamation that the patriot movement is a bigger threat to the U.S. than Muslim Terrorists. It is clear, the progressive-statists want all opposition to be defenseless and voiceless.  This can be seen even clearer with the targeting of conservative/libertarian alternative media and labeling them as being responsible for any bad guy that decides to kill innocents. One also cannot forget the queen of the gun grab Dianne Feinstein, who has tried to silence the 1st amendment by defining a journalist as a paid, mass media agent. Leaving you and this blog not protected by the 1st amendment. If that doesn't scary you, than you're one cold mutha-lover.

When I was a young kid, I loved to play connect the dots and seeing what would appear when I was finished. Sadly, now the dots are being connected and it is very scary what is appearing before us all. Liberals and some conservatives either knowingly or unknowingly are paving the way for checks and balances and the people's voice to be silenced with violent force if needed with little fear of any resistance, if they get away with disarming us.  While 90% of those who Rush calls "low information voters" honestly believe disarming the country would usher in a new wave of peace and free hugs, it will not.

History is full of examples where the people gave up their right to be armed and suffered the worst fates in history. I will not list these historical facts, because I know those who read this are educated and know the risks.

I have been asked numerous times by readers or anti-gunners:

 "Do you think Obama will throw you in a FEMA camp and take your guns?" "..are you paranoid that much?"

"My response is and always no I do not fear for my future, it probably won't happen while I am breathing, but what about my children and grand children?"

 If they disarm us now, what will be the fate of future Americans when a really bad guy is in office and wants to appoint himself king or dictator? I for one want my children to have all the freedoms I have enjoyed and most importantly, I want them to be able to defend themselves against any threat to their happiness and freedom.  It is up to us to educate and inform our neighbors, friends and family about the seriousness of current events. What we do now will forever shape tomorrow.

Keep your head up and stand strong. MOLON LABE


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