February 14, 2014

Included In the Mindful Patriot's Article: China and Taiwan form Truce As War With Japan Approaches. was information on how nations will be making new alliances before a war breaks out in the region . Today it was announced that the United States will take the side of the Philippines in the event conflict breaks out in the region over the Senkaku Islands and surrounding waters.

Commander of the United States Navy Admiral Jonathan Greenert said "of course we would help you" when questioned by a Filipino student in a lecture earlier this week. Greenert quickly added to clarify it didn't mean war by saying;

"I don't know what that help would be specifically. I mean, we have an obligation because we have a treaty. But, I don't know in what capacity that help is." 

 So before our eyes we are seeing alliances being formed and treaties being signed. Look back through history and see what it means when countries start to make treaties and alliances very quickly.
China has never relinquished its claim over the islands and lately have made more threatening statements against Japan and their allies. China has also claimed they will build a missile launch site on the moon and claim they have new aircraft that can travel 13000 miles per hour. One thing is for certain when the fiat currency fails around the world, China will be knocking on our door for payment and when we can't pay, it will be war on our soil.


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