February 5, 2014

The days of peace officers who interact with the community as neighbors and fellow law-abiding citizens has been dead for sometime. Check points, military hardware and a growing view that every citizen is an evil terrorist or violent criminal, has all but destroyed the way police used to behave. If Mayberry existed today, Barney would have kill numbers in the hundreds and no one would question it.

In Fullerton, California Kelly Thomas a homeless man diagnosed with schizophrenia was brutally beaten to death for nothing more than contempt of cop. His death was confirmed to be directly caused by actions of police officers. In the video Officer Manny Ramos was overheard saying "Now you see my fists?" while putting on latex gloves. Thomas replied "Yeah, what about them?" Officer Ramos replied "They are getting ready to fuck you up."  A short time later, Kelly Thomas was non-responsive face down on the street. Five days later, Kelly Thomas was pronounced dead. Officer Manuel Ramos was charged with one count of second-degree murder and one count of involuntary manslaughter; Corporal Jay Cicinelli and Officer Joseph Wolfe were each charged with one count of felony involuntary manslaughter and one count of excessive force. All three pleaded not guilty. A jury would find them not guilty.

When Rodney King, a convicted felon was beaten by numerous L.A.P.D, riots consumed the black neighborhoods around the area. What was the public outcry for Kelly Thomas, a white homeless man? A hundred people with signs and a bunch of keyboard warriors spouting what the would do.

When I was a child, I would play with toy rifles in my front yard and no one would say a word.  In Santa Rosa, California, Sheriffs shot and killed a 13 year old boy for holding a toy rifle. Police only waited 8 seconds before deciding to shoot and kill the boy. Citing Officer safety. 

In Honolulu, an 17 year old boy suffered from severe mental illness was shot by police after the boy's school called the police to help control him.

 Salt Lake City, Utah- Danielle Willard an unarmed woman was shot in the head and killed while in the parking lot of an apartment complex during a narcotics stakeout. Officers claimed she was trying to run them over. Video evidence surfaced and disapproved the officers statements.

Brian Newt Beaird 51, was shot dead by LAPD officers after a car chase. Brian had pulled over and stepped out  of his car with no weapons and was quickly executed by pursuing officers.


Sioux Fall, South Dakota- Jacob Westberg was shot dead on his door step because a concerned citizen reported that he was suicidal. Before the shooting Jacob's brother arrived on the scene and told the police he  could calm his brother but police pushed him aside.

Orlando, Florida- Travis Mcneil was shot to death by officer Orosa when he pulled Mr. Mcneil. Officer Orosa stated he should have followed my commands as justification for the killing.

Dallas, Texas- Police shot an mentally challenged man. Bennett 52, suffering from schizophrenia was shot after police claimed Bennett lunged at them. Video emerged and contradicts the officers statements.

This is not even close to the amount of  police shooting citizens in this country on a weekly basis. In fact, you are eight times more likely to be killed by a police officer than in a terrorist attack.



  1. If the cops are doing the opposite of what they are supposed to be doing, we can't trust them. Be safe out there.

  2. Who is behind it? Why is this happening, we all know terrorism is a myth and that 9/11 has many untold stories and people are looking the other way.

    1. Elitists that control the strings of government create the problem and then propose the solution to suit their own needs, all the while looking like the hero.

      thanks for the comment Wayne.

    2. Terrorism is a myth? Are you genuinely that blind? Have you ever left this country? We didn't imagine this together. Terrorism is very real throughout the world.

    3. So literal, I don't think he meant terrorism is a myth, i think what he likely meant was that terrorism in THIS country is a myth, which a LOT of people agree, including myself. Our gov't are the terrorists here, terrorizing our constitution and our freedoms.


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