February 13, 2014

North Korea is now evacuating a underground nuclear test site at a feverish pace officials said after they saw increased movement at the site via a spy satellite focused on the region. Officials think a detonation will occur soon but are not sure of an exact date.

In the past week, North and South have planned to have talks on future relations between the two and with this newest headline it seems the North is just trying to distract the world from their nuclear program. Iran is currently doing the same tactic and playing nice with the U.S. Something is in the works in the east.

The North could be planning a "false flag" attack against themselves to justify a military strike against South Korea. This strategy is not new by any means, Hitler used the Gleiwitz Incident in 1939 for example, to justify the war against Poland. Similarly, the effect of such an attack by North Korea would engulf the entire region and it's an easy guess what side China takes, but I can say the USA will be on the opposite side of what they choose.

 "(we are..)...ready and able to deter North Korean aggression," Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told a news conference. "It is time for the North to choose the path of peace and refrain from provocations or using excuses to avoid the responsibility that they bear."

The latest Intel show's North Korea is currently expanding its enrichment facility.


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