February 17, 2014

The U.S. is now focused on the Chinese Military build up after more than a decade of it's focus being on the Middle East.

The Pentagon has dropped 400 U.S. and Thai Pacific combat troops into the Asia Pacific region as a sign that they are prepared and are watching China's growing military and to address threats made towards US allies in the region. Currently the U.S. fears instability with its allies as Beijing flexes it's military might in a show of dominance.

Last week during the Cobra Gold exercise. the US dropped a crack airborne task force into central Thailand. They were the first American boots on Asian soil since the change in military and foreign policy posture.

The drill was to seize and secure an airfield at Lop Buri, 90 miles north of Bangkok, amid a humanitarian catastrophe. The American Paratroopers from the 4-25 stationed outside of Anchorage, Alaska were involved in the drill.

"the strategic aim of the exercise was to demonstrate to Beijing’s communist leadership how fast and effective the U.S. can be in supporting its Asian allies, all of whom lie in a tight arc around China -- from India and Nepal through Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia to South Korea and Japan. "Said leading commanders of Operation Cobra Gold.

War it seems will happen, yet when and where it starts is only a guess, one thing is for certain the military industrial complex has a firm grip on the "go" button for war.


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