February 17, 2014

Nations in the east are quickly taking sides and making alliances ahead of what appears to be a global conflict. Last week we reported on how China after 67 years has become an Allie of Taiwan, in what appears to be a unified front in defense of what the two nations feel is their waters and Islands, that currently Japan claims sovereignty over.  The media barely spoke about the alliance, yet rather the media seemed focused on North Korea's crimes against humanity.

According to major news outlets, North Korea has a brutal state "that does not parallel in any other in the contemporary world."

 Reports claim North Korea uses murder, torture,slavery, sexual violence and mass starvation as tools to keep the population inline.

"The suffering and tears of the people of North Korea demand action," commission Chairman Michael Kirby told reporters.

 The latest news seems horrible and its made to feel like a new development in the region but our government has known about how the North Korean government and how it abuses its citizens for decades. This begs the question, "Why now?"

The reasons why are clear. North Korea will take the side of China considering the communist connection between the two. These news releases are meant to make the American public feel the North Koreans are evil and deserve war. Similar to how we treated the Japanese in WW2 and how the public was OK with Japanese Americans being put in concentration camps.

Why must we be the global police? We have many problems in this country that needs the public's attention and for once we should let another nation take the lead in North Korea. Sadly, it seems we are being forced into the next major conflict just by taking the side of the Philippines and Japan on the major issues that concern the east.

In the next few weeks we will hear and see more alliances being shaped and a lot more veiled threats being made by the communist alliance towards Japan and the U.S.A.

North Korea has the third largest military in the world with over 10 million men and women fit for military and 1.2 million in active duty. China has the second largest military with 318 million fit for service and 2.2 million active personal. The United States has 1.4 million in active duty and 119 million men and women fit for the military.


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