February 9, 2014

AT&T Labs has developed new software called Natural Voices, a text to speech engine which  will revolutionize voice synthesis. The software currently cost "thousands" but AT&T officials say the software can reproduce "the sounds, inflections and intonations of a human voice." The process of building the algorithm, requires 10-40 hours of prerecorded speech. The recordings are then sliced up into small pieces and entered into a high descriptive database. This method of reproducing a voice is called "concatenative speech synthesis", which AT&T refined to the point that the fragments of speech are the smallest ever seen.

If the private sector already has technology that can create a near perfect reproduction of someones voice, then it's a safe bet that this software has been used in the past and currently for disinformation propaganda.

In the article posted by this site titled "Russian FSB Uses Voice Cloning To Undermine The European Union.", followed how the Russian FSB have used this software to frame a diplomat and secretary of the EU, in the hopes to change the Ukrainians opinion in the conflict.  After posting that article, a few commentators doubted that voice cloning actually existed and if it did, then why did those who were claimed to be in the recording admit to it? Simple. Because exposing this technology would destabilize both population's trust in government, because many political skeletons would come out of the closet, perhaps one of those skeletons could be 9/11.

If Russia who had slipped behind America in software technology,  still had the ability to create a 100% match to any voice than the American intelligence and military complex must have equal or even better software many years before Russia did. If that's the case, could the Osama Bin Laden tapes been faked?After all, it is easy to get people on your side if you have a person and a face to blame. Speaking of blaming, the FBI never officially charged Bin Laden with plotting 9/11 and Osama's wanted poster never mentioned 9/11 at all (wanted poster PDF). Osama never officially took blame for the attacks.

Voice cloning does exist and it will become mainstream news when the governments who are using it, find something better. 



  1. Scary. Military commanders' voices could be faked by the enemy on battlefields.

  2. Very true Dan. It is truly mind blowing.


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