February 16, 2014

Trade groups for Monsanto, PepsiCo and other major food labels are teaming up to create an alliance named Colilation for Safe Affordable Food, with it's mission to create one national standard for GMO labeling and oppose efforts in various states that are pushing for stricter labeling.

The group is currently pushing for a federal law that preempts state legislation that has cost the big names millions in legal battles in several states.

New polls have shown people are more aware of the use of GMO's and want some type of regulation and warning label attached to products containing them. It seems this will be a battle of people v. the plutocracy that has controlled every aspect of American life.

“We don’t think the food industry should rest on its laurels and say this is a done deal, this is over,” he says. “Even though these ballot measures failed, I would still recommend that they get ready for some kind of labeling regulation. We’re saying get ready for it and know the GMO content of your food and beverages.” -Darren Seifer, a food and beverage industry analyst.

Labeling laws could come in one of two ways. A single state could pass a law, “causing a ripple effect throughout the whole industry,” as Seifer put it. That's just what the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food is hoping to avoid. Connecticut and Maine have already passed G.E. labeling legislation, and Alaska now requires the labeling of G.E. fish. (As many as 30 states could introduce labeling legislation in the 2014 session, according to the Center for Food Safety.)

But efforts on the national scale started well before the founding of the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food. Sen. Barbara Boxer and Rep. Peter DeFazio have introduced legislation that would require labeling G.E. foods at the federal level, and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said in 2012 that “maybe it’s time to think about [GMO labeling] from a national perspective.”


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