March 3, 2014

Cell phones. Cell phones with cameras. Cell phones with video ...After just calling 911, A police car drives by me even though I’m flagging it down on a narrow road, he drives right past me. I approach the police car wait next to it, obviously indicated that I’m waiting to speak to the officer. INSTEAD the officer approaches me and attacks. Charges me with obstruction of governmental administration a misdemeanor. Penalty 1 year jail. The data on the phone was corrupt and shows signs of tampering and erased data.
Someone online was able to recover one corrupt video. Working on the other parts where I’m screaming in pain and it gets much worse.

The dash cam video they clam was not in the police car at the time, and records of the 911 call have been unable to obtain, yet I have one :) Infact any documents have been hard to obtain. My lawyers name is G____.

I just got this phone back friday after much anguish.

There is even more to recover. If you would like to help recover the other files feel free to download them here.!cFNT1IIb!F_ILHh…

This event happened the 18th. of july 2013 The officer is still working, and I have a very nice picture of him to help others say clear of a similar situation.



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