March 15, 2014

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has now been missing for a week and news reports have stated communication had been cut off and tracking hardware was disabled before the airliner disappeared. 

New information has been released via Syrian hackers that infiltrated intelligence servers which uncovered documents that strongly suggest the missing airliner was hijacked for the propose of being used to attack western targets with nuclear or biological weapons. 

"Possible hijacking of commercial airliner(s) within the next month...for the purpose of convert operations...terrorists to deliver weapon systems in large scale terrorist attack."

The memo also points to the North Korean black out at night of the entire country as a possible cover for such an operation, since intelligence satellites cannot track on the ground activity with no light source. Also, the construction of a run way big enough to allow a airliner that size to land could possibly be constructed during this time. 

Compromised communications from within North Korea from top officials has recorded phases such as:

"The enemy of our enemy is our friend."  and "The west will crumble."

North Korean officials have also been recorded saying they hope and plan that Iran will be blamed for the attack; prompting the U.S. to attack Iran, which would start a war with Islamic countries in that region, spreading the already thinned Armed Forces of the U.S.; leaving the U.S. mainland an easy target for sea and land attack. 

North Korean state media has also been reporting future great victories within the USA and Europe, saying:

"We will use their own capitalist greed and ignorance to strangle their last breath."

The leaked reports show large military build up along the border of North Korea and South Korea. 

China has also engaged in talks with N. Korea and has pledged support to them if they are invaded by any foreign force, the leaked memo stated via communication intercept.

Memos where found on a P2P torrent file, that was labeled

"Documentary of the Uprising of the West." by Syri-man14

 only three seeders where sharing at the time the Mindful Patriot downloaded the file. 

 Click here for file
Click here for files

 The I.P. address suggests the file originated within Syria, with the I.P. being within the range.

Update:  North Korea launches missiles in defensive exercise, Says " Preparing for an attack on our soil."


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