April 5, 2014

For awhile now I have been a supporter of groups that expose unconstitutional actions against the American people by law enforcement. The leader in this fight is Copblock.org. Up until today I have been promoting them, but after seeing this post I have resigned my support and now feel the need to expose them for what they have become. Read below the anti-military hippy garbage that lead many in the 1970's to spit on our heroes from The Vietnam War. Also how dare they compare our Military to gang bangers

"Regardless of the costume you may where, the number of others condoning or even glorifying your behavior, the federal reserve notes or benefits you might even receive or even the good intentions you may have had when 'joining'...
initiating force against, stealing, extorting, blackmailing, kidnapping and/or bullying peaceful people is wrong. 
This may seem like a basic, easy to grasp concept that most can wrap their head around, no? I would like to think so but I've got to level with you on some things I can't help but notice. 
When it comes down to how your average citizen responds to routine financial shake downs, intrusions of privacy and continually progressive initiations of force against our very way of lives I am not only discouraged and embarrassed... but legitimately afraid of this 1984 like reality I will be leaving my children in. 
I understand that a lot of these atrocities are decorated as a humanitarian or safety effort but is all of this propaganda really that hard to see through? While I am touching base on some of my thoughts regarding the gang like militarized police force and the imposed 'required' act of submission towards the state for them to allow 'peaceful coexistence', I can note that this is a common strategy used when conditioning and justifying a variety of things to the nation of debt slaves- uh, public. I meant to say to the public. 
The escalation of police brutality and the toxic hero worship mentality towards the military and public servants who are harming peaceful people is something more moral people should direct some attention towards. Violence, murder and kidnapping is not something I can or will stomach or condone- even if you are paid for it.
In peace and liberty, 
Toni Bones 
It is amazing what can be normalized and then glorified by what appears to be otherwise civilized people is as terrifying as it is amazing."

Please fellow oath keepers send your thoughts to this group!  


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