April 6, 2018

Harris County, Georgia Sheriff Mike Jolley an Army Veteran and defender of the Consitution, became famous for posting a sign that declares citizens have the right to conceal carry in Georgia and will use it. 

Jolley had previously created a sign in 2015 that defended the American flag and Christmas. He paid $553 for the sign out of his own pocket.

When Sheriff Jolley was questioned about his critics he had this to say:

"I spent 20 years in the army to give everyone the right to disagree with me or anyone else," Jolley said. "Hopefully, if they disagree, they can voice that opinion. But if it offends them, truly offends them, maybe they're in the wrong country." (1)

(1)  http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/04/06/georgia-sheriffs-concealed-carry-sign-goes-viral.html


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