April 6, 2018

With the media hype pushing gun control, anti-freedom congress members drooling and high school students using their alligator tears as a political weapon pointed at the law abiding citizens heads. It's no surprise that gun control is on the front burner of political discourse.

The current push for red flag gun violence restraining orders might seem as a right step in the direction of keeping Americans safe but one must be aware that all tyranny starts on the backs of people with good intentions.

What are red flag laws?

"The laws function similarly to those that govern common restraining orders. Someone who fears a family member or acquaintance is a threat to themselves or others can ask the police to seize their weapons temporarily and bar them from buying more until a judge determines the person is no longer a risk." (1)

Seems harmless right? Not so fast.

With time, laws pertaining to gun ownership have mutated with political ideological influence. Look at states that started with small changes like waiting periods and pistol registration and now are passing laws that give sheriffs the right to confiscate rifles without due process and levy a $1000 fine on those who do not surrender their firearms.

The same will happen with Red Flag laws.

Over time, the law will change so that a judge doesn't need to sign off on an order until after the fact and undoubtedly will be used to disarm citizens that are perceived to be resistance to the popular party that may try a constitutional power grab. Sound crazy? The Vice President of the DNC openly stated they want to repeal the 2nd amendment, along with numerous other influential people and politicians. 

They compare red flag laws to Protection From Abuse Orders. PFA's are widely abused by vengeful ex's that want to be granted property, kids, and money without probable cause, just a written statement and a signature by an overworked judge.   We shouldn't trust the same process with a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. 

I do not trust any official, citizen or group to dictate my rights or the ability to remove them without TRUE due process. Firearms are a protected class of property, more so than any other tangible property and yet they are conditioning the public to see them as a privilege. Shall Not Be Infringed means today what it did when our founding fathers shed blood protecting those words. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. 



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