February 3, 2014

It seems false flags are becoming the norm when the public starts to question government motives or effectiveness. The newest false flag was rather an old play from the "justify the military industrial complex" playbook. Five letters containing a "mysterious white powder" was sent to five hotels around the area of the Superbowl location. Also, other suspicious letter was sent to Governor Christie of New Jersey but did not contain any white powder, which seems rather odd considering what these "attacks" would have accomplished.

 I am no terrorist expert but what gain would a terrorist have in sending letters to hotels? Wouldn't it be more effective to sent them to highly visible targets like public officials or government agencies?

This was clearly a false flag to scare everyday people into liking their police, T.S.A, Border Control, F.B.I State police, Transit Authority, etc overseers . After all, what better why for the populace to agree to fourth and fifth amendment violations. Also, we can't forget about 200,000,000 plus dollars spent on our "safety" for a private and corporate event. So why is government pushing the security against terrorist issues? I firmly believe the military industry complex is looking for a new war and for new government contracts, so why not see the American people as the new enemy and American cities as the new battlefields?

If your in doubt about the validity of what I am proposing; just search on You Tube videos on police harassment, brutality and accountability. What used to be peace officers serving the public are now nothing more than another tentacle of the military. This is easily seen by how many times police on video use 9/11 and terrorism to openly stop, search and detain citizens for nothing more than exercising their rights or expressing their opinion about their actions. If that wasn't enough proof, just follow the money and military equipment being sent to small town police departments. M.R.A.B. vehicles, military riot gear, automatic weapons and many other tools of  the trade for war being openly sold and many times given to them for free. Some believe the federal government is getting ready for war with it's people, others may think an attack is imminent, but one thing is for certain, false flags will become more frequent in proportion to the push back that the American people say and do against it.


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