February 3, 2014

Well it's that time of year again when Americans around the country gather around the t.v. and dig into their favorite treats and watch the President debate a t.v. show host? I mean after all our whole political system is based on a two party adversary system which the illusion of victory is given to one group and the other loses. But for some it's common knowledge that there is little we can do to change anything in our government because the elite with their unlimited money and influence get what they want, which usually goes against what the people want or need.

So is it conditioning for the American people to see the President and the opposition going head to head on the same day as the Superbowl? Does it cheapen our political discourse? That's for the people to decide, but I can tell you it's the very reason why third parties cannot break through the fog to gain a foothold in Congress.

Libertarian Political Party Logo Print from Zazzle.comFor instance, the Libertarian Party who advocates limited government and full freedom to the people to the extent that with no victim, there is no crime, would appear to be a winning platform in the land of the free and the home of brave but sadly, it is not. It appears that the majority of Americans cannot break away from the two party system, even stranger is how many American have an almost fear of change in their political beliefs and in some cases get rather angry at the mention of a third party. Case in point, try bringing up the Libertarian Party to a liberal, I would bet they would dismiss the Party has a Republican spin off and crazy Ron Paul supporters. Yet if you ask Republicans they would do just the opposite. Why? Because their corporate handlers do not want it, thus it does not exist. Americans will continue to watch the game and cheer their team and feel they are winning; oh yeah, there will be football too.


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