February 10, 2014

The conservative legal group Judicial Watch uncovered an email that puts serious doubt on the U.S. government's claim that Osama Bin Laden was actually killed. The email which was sent by Adm.William McRaven ordered all pictures of the corpse to be destroyed or turned in to the C.I.A for black out, 11 days after the "killing" of Osama Bin Laden. The order was sent 10 days after the A.P. requested all information and pictures through the Freedom of Information Act.

Adm. McRaven who heads the U.S. Special Operations Command was investigated by the Pentagon Inspector General, who wrote the details of the email in a draft of their report but left it out of the final report.

What a convenient story. The media asks for documentation on the raid and on the killing of Osama and suddenly a scandal appears where an email was written by an Admiral detailing that all evidence must be destroyed including government documents? The Admiral lives, breathes and works in a clandestine, covert environment and knowing all he knows, decides to writes an email that he knew would be requested? It seems magicians are not the only people who understand the usefulness of misdirection.

Instead of fake pictures being leaked(which failed), they simply got a fall guy and claimed the non-release of photos was to respect Islam and prevent more violence. Looks more and more like this was a cover up of a botched raid, considering the downed helicopter and lack of video or photo evidence of the killing or body of Osama.

Most remember how the President and White House staff watched the live feed from the raid and how they looked stunned at the moment of Osama's death. What if that was the look of terror and disbelief of a failed raid? After the word that Osama was killed, Democrats paraded around in front of cameras expressing their love of the president and how great our government was in stopping a horrible terrorist that our government created,funded and deployed in the 1980's.

It seems the pressure to keep our leadership and government image in check outweighs the truth once again.


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