April 1, 2014


In the news, you may have heard that earth quakes are on the rise in the Ring Of Fire region and especially around Yellow Stone National Park, including a 4.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred under the Norris Ridge. 

Did you also hear Helium 4 a gas that has been recorded as being released before other volcanoes erupted is currently being released at alarming levels? 

What about the ground raising 10 inches in the last few weeks directly over the huge 30-50 km magma chamber?

Or the large number of animals LEAVING the park at a running pace?

Apparently the U.S.G.S have been tight lipped and dismissive of the current conditions occurring around the region. 

Yet why is FEMA planning drills nationally, involving continuity of government which includes large scale earthquakes as being the cause? 

Below is a screen print of the PDF discovered.  

PDF Source: https://s3-us-gov-west-1.amazonaws.com/dam-production/uploads/1391701556671-2204c5ec1c30a48ddd0b783989206b68/nep.pdf

If the U.S.G.S isn't telling the American people the truth about what's occurring and FEMA appears to be training for it, where does that leave us?

First, remember the HUGE AMMO purchase that DHS  made? You know 27 Years worth of war amounts. Well, think about the impact of an eruption the size of Yellow Stone. 

Yellow Stone Compared to Mt. St. Helen's Eruption
Something like 10,000 Atomic bombs going off, enough energy to have a five hundred mile kill radius, with ash meters deep, which would extend to the east coast. It will be "a world as we know it" event. Simply put 2/3 of the population wiped out in a few months after the eruption. Globally, we would see a mini ice age extending for one to many decades. You maybe asking yourself, "why aren't they saying anything?" Simple, they want the roads clear, the air traffic to a minimum and supplies to be readily available for government personal first, leaving the general population with a few hours to scramble. In other words, they know their is nothing they can do for the millions who will be caught unprepared. 

Is it a conspiracy theory?

No. Yellow Stone will erupt sooner than later, we are due for another actually.

Check out these videos on the subject: 


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