February 1, 2014

Review: Masterpiece arms MPA930T

Masterpiece Arms Website

 The Nuts and Bolts

Top Cocker
Thread Size: 1/2 x 28
3.5" Threaded Barrel
Hammer with Disconnect - No Trigger Slap Design

 General Impression

I recently got to try Masterpiece Arms Mini 9mm Pistol (MPA930t) and let me tell you how very surprised I was by the the quality of this firearm and how much of a blast it was to put rounds down range with it.

What's included

What comes in the box: delivered in a very nice hard ABS case with foam pads
(1) 32 round Tapco Magazine, MPA930T Top cocking pistol with threaded barrel, (1)Barrel Safety extension ,Owners manual with exploded view of internal parts,Magazine Loader.

Fit and Finish

The MPA930T was heavily oiled and was placed in a plastic bag. Once I removed the Firearm from the bag and inspected the parkerization I found no defeats and the coating seemed very deep and rugged. After wiping the excess grease, I found no scratches or dents.

Action was smooth and charging the firearm was smooth but for some who may not be as strong could be a little difficult but that is the nature of the firearm. Barrel  threads were not damaged and the safety extension easily attached and fit snug.

Loading the Magazine

The Tapco Magizane is very well constructed and my worries about the ABS material not being as high quality has the stein metal mags was quickly forgotten.

Loading the magazine was easy until until the15th round and than the mag loader became very handy and made that next 17 rounds very easy to load.

Firing the Firearm

Inserting the Magazine was smooth and attached firmly. Charging the firearm was smooth and in my opinion there is nothing quite like the sound of a MPA chambering a round. With the Safety extension, the MPA930T wasn't too unbalanced and trigger pull was smooth and not heavy. Recoil was very manageable and after five rounds, grouping at 15 yards was great. When rapid firing the MPA930T the action was consistent and very fast. Firing without the Safety extension made the MPA930T more balanced but did not diminish the accuracy.

Overall Opinion

For the price, this is the best built pistol I have ever fired. It might be on the heavy side but the weight helps with recoil and the construction materials are high quality only helping the look of the MPA930T. I received many compliments and received a few thumbs up,along with smiles at the range.  4 1/2 out of 5 stars.


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