February 12, 2014

Last year the United States saw the quickest decline in the
right to free speech. The new report from the World Press Freedom Index, showed the U.S. dropping 13 spots to 46th out 180 on the index. The study noted the public witch hunt for Edward Snowden and the prosecution of Bradly Manning by the U.S. Government for leaking secret information to the public.

"Investigative journalism often suffers as a result” of a “disturbing retreat from democratic practices,” the RWB report said.

Also used to determine the United States's rightful spot on the index, the report states thousands and thousands of Associated Press phone calls were intercepted. One of those was New York Times reporter James Risen who refused to testify against whistle blower Jeffrey Sterling and now faces a long prison sentence for exercising his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.

Mr. Risen wasn't the only reporter unconstitutionally attacked. According to the World Press, numerous Journalists have been pressured with subpoenas to reveal sources that journalists need to have so that they can maintain and protect the balance of the citizen's right to know.

So what is the goal of this? Check out The Triangle's Shadow Theory . You will see the chain effect those who want to have an monopoly on control of information and how they also want to keep the  population distracted from the reality that the world we know is changing faster than they can keep up with.


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