February 19, 2014

Christopher dreamed of joining the Marines. All of that ended when he was executed by a cop. The OP-Nat Eye reports that 17-yr-old Christopher Roupe was shot and killed moments after sitting down to watch a movie in his family’s home.

At around 7:30 PM, young Christopher took out his Nintendo Wii controller to put on a movie.

As he was sitting down, he suddenly heard knocking on the front door.

He asked, “Who is it?” but received no response.

At that point he got up from his chair and opened the door.

To his shock, the female cop already had her gun drawn and pointed at him, according to reports.

She immediately fired a bullet into the boy’s chest and killed him, according to Renee Vance, the boy’s aunt.

The police claim that “he had a handgun.”

It was actually the boy’s small Nintendo Wii controller, says the aunt.

The officer gave him “no warning” to drop the controller before taking his life, the aunt added.

The police claimed to be at his house regarding a “probation” matter. It turns out that it had nothing to do with Christopher.

His 13-yr-old little sister heard the gun shot and ran over to the door to find her brother bleeding and crying.

The little sister held her brother and tried to comfort him as he cried in pain, according to reports.

That’s when the female cop pointed her gun at the child and said “Shut up!” according to reports, forcing the girl away.

Moments later Christopher bled to death.

Both the female officer and the officer who was with her have received “paid administrative leave” as the investigation proceeds.

The boy’s family is deeply saddened.

They have set up Facebook page speaking out about the incident. Many of the boy’s friends are confused as to how this could possibly happen to a young man with so many plans for his future.”

“Prayers for his younger siblings, may they take pride in knowing what a great big brother they had, and what a great Marine he was going to be….” said one commenter.

Christopher leaves behind his younger sister, who was told to "shut up" as she cried and held her dying brother. 
Christopher leaves behind his younger sister, who was told to “shut up” as she cried and held her dying brother.
Another commented, “God wrap your arms around this family in their time of grief!  So sorry for your loss!”

Another young girl recounted the time when Christopher saved her family from a fire, already displaying heroism as a teenager:

“I remember at Americas best inn my mom and my sister was at the pool so was my dad and a paper towel blew in my moms candle and you helped me stop the fire. If it wasn't for Christopher the room would of caught on fire thanks for helping me Chris.”

“I’ll never understand why or how this happened,but what i do know is you were a great friend and more than that you were family.I miss you bro and i’ll see you again when our paths cross. FLY HIGH AND PROUD!” said one of Christopher’s friends.

Source:Filming Cops


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