March 2, 2014

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." -Tenth Amendment

The tenth amendment which allows states to have the right to choose stances on various issues as long as it doesn't contradict any rights listed in the Constitution, has been used to justify individual states rights to choose their state's educational models.

Since No Child Left Behind was passed, the slow crumbling of the state's right to choose has been growing. This can directly be seen in Common Core standards. Instead of local elected school boards deciding what their students learn, a group of billionaires force them to adopt their standards or face losing federal funding and for most rural schools the prospect of losing any funding is out right scary.

If the Common Core Standards are the Crown of a Tyrannical over throw of states rights, The Race To The Top scheme is the crown jewel for those who seek to control the future of our country's educational standards.

"According to Race to the Top standards almost all schools are failing. Massachusetts is the state with the best test scores, yet according to the new standards 80 percent of its schools are failing. Federal funds are no longer tied to just economic need, but also given to states or districts that win the race to the top. This is no way to level the education playing field". -The Evening Tribune
The Second Amendment has also been targeted by Common Core Standards. Many educators have noted how the spirit and text of some of the amendments has been taught incorrectly. It seems the far left is once again trying to manipulate what is taught to our children in public schools.

"Harris cites examples of Common Core textbooks and teaching assignments that have misrepresented the Second Amendment right to bear arms as limited to a “member of a militia of citizen soldiers.” “That is NOT what the Second Amendment says, nor is it what our Founders intended,” Harris pointed out in releasing a letter to legislators calling for them to support stopping or at a minimum delaying implementation of Common Core in Tennessee schools. Other Common Core lessons have instructed sixth graders to eliminate provisions of the Bill of Rights and have taught that police have the right to confiscate guns in violation of the Constitution." -Ben Swan
All freedom loving Americans should be writing, calling and protesting Common Core and should vote against any who promote it. We the people in small communities across this country know what is best for our children better than some billionaire somewhere in Washington, who hopes to create low information voters by denying them a proper education.


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