March 2, 2014

One of the lowest mass super-massive black holes ever observed in the middle of a galaxy located in the middle of the spiral galaxy NGC 4178, is shown in this image from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey released on October 25, 2012. An analysis of the NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory data, along with infrared data from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope and radio data from the NSF's Very Large Array suggests that the black hole is near the extreme low-mass end of the super-massive black hole range. NGC 4178 is a spiral galaxy located about 55 million light years from Earth.

Galaxy super powerful black holeA team of American and Australian astronomers have discovered a new tiny yet super powerful black hole.
The black hole, named MQ1, was discovered in  a study of the nearby galaxy M83 and is the first super powered black hole to be studied.
The MQ1 is so strong that the astronomers believed the black hole was as large as its strength. In fact, MQ1 is a compact black hole, rather than a supermassive black hole.
"MQ1 is classed as a micro quasar - a black hole surrounded by a bubble of hot gas, which is heated by two jets just outside the black hole, powerfully shooting out energy in opposite directions, acting like cosmic sandblasters pushing out on the surrounding gas," said Roberto Soria, a senior researcher at Curtin University.


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