June 18, 2014


Huffington Post contributor H.A. Goodman wants you to know that you rebel scum will never overthrow King George, so you might as well give up your dream of becoming independent colonies with liberty and justice for all:

The 2nd Amendment might state, “A well regulated Militia,” but in reality it doesn’t mean a way to combat the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. Guns might protect one’s home, or enable one to hunt, or provide a symbol of freedom, but gun ownership won’t overthrow the government or change laws. What is tyrannical to you might have been a necessary Whiskey tax to George Washington and Alexander Hamilton, and what is tyrannical to me might be your desire to wage a war overseas. When the word “tyranny” is subject to so much debate, it’s best to let discourse, voting, and participation in government provide a means for change in our society.

Any illusion that owning one gun, or one hundred guns, would frighten or alter the way government behaves is not only unrealistic, but something George Washington would find unacceptable. The view propagated by the NRA that gun ownership keeps the federal government “in check” is not only historically inaccurate, but also contrary to the actions of our Founding Fathers.

Mr. Goodman presumably wrote his column on April 18, 1775, as the Founding Fathers rather convincingly proved this argument wrong the next day when American militiamen rallying to Lexington and Concord came within a hair’s breadth of annihilating elite light infantry and grenadiers drawn from ten regiments of the British Army, along with a battalion of His Majesty’s Marine Forces who were on a gun control raid, kicking off the conflict we now know as the American Revolutionary War......



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