June 11, 2014

In the last few weeks and in the coming months leading up to state elections this fall, you will hear the liberal candidates ramble on about how raising the minimum wage will help the economy grow and that global warming is real and dangerous, so we must punish industry for their evil pollution by taxing and laying down more restrictive policies  i.e. cutting emissions from coal power plants by 30%.

I hate to break the news for the all the moon bats out there in la-la land, but making small business pay more for unskilled labor will only carry the increased cost to the consumer, causing the cost of living to increase proportionate to the increase of pay. On the flip side, government "stay at home benefits" will have to increase to cover the increased cost of living, leaving our country more in debt and less able to pay for vital defense costs which constitutionally is the most important job of government.

No matter if you believe in Global Warming or not, one fact should be clear to all liberty loving Americans, taxing corporations for pollution WILL NOT help fight to protect the environment.  For instance, how Obama has circumvented the Congress by directing the EPA to set standards to force coal powered power plants to invest BILLIONS to meet the standard, which will force energy costs to raise dramatically across the board that will only make Americans have less money to reinvest in the economy.

Why are Americans buying this? 

Fear, misinformation and class warfare.

Fear- Americans are growing fearful of each other because of the media push to saturate the American Media with the worst acts of violence and greed and not show the flip side of Americans banding together and stopping violent acts from occurring, meanwhile demonizing those who are by labeling Patriots and the Liberty Movement as terrorists.

  Misinformation- Remember Al Gore and the
other idiots crying the sky is falling with increased
temperatures  (for the last ten years has not raised) and more powerful storms that will kill millions......all lies to force opinion in their favor by fear not logic. Google how much Al Gore made from Carbon credits for proof.

Class warfare- Liberals while being the most wealthy class of politicians, constantly bash the Republican Party for rubbing elbows with the "top 1%" and not caring about the little guy, when in fact, it is the other way around. The wolf in sheep's clothing comes to mind.

Why is the current government(Obama) pushing climate change and wage increases?

Combine the increased cost of energy with increased cost of labor and you have all but killed job creation and the U.S. Economy in one large swoop. When any population becomes dependent on government benefits to survive you have effectively created a voting base who has no choice but to vote for those who oppress them, which effectively kills the voice of the American people and meaningful reform. Don't forget gun control either.....

Look at immigration and how Obama is allowing MILLIONS of illegals to move in. Why? 

Obama and the Democrats want to create voters, hence the push against Voter ID laws.  Another point that isn't being stressed is how many of these illegal criminals are terrorists from known enemies? Given the numbers, there could be major attacks on all major cities at once and there is no way to know because the safety of non-Americans is more important than that of Americans who our elected officials have sworn to protect.

How do we roll back government and rein in the power back to the people?

We must protest and actively become involved in the political process by any means. We must vote out anyone who wants to curb any rights given by god to the American People. Vote smart, be diligent and keep your aim true. Most importantly, when a friend, co-worker or family member brings up the myths about global warming or wage increases, please take the time to inform them of the truth and how what they're saying will only hurt our country.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
 ~John F. Kennedy


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