April 7, 2018

Early detection of a threat is the greatest advantage to home protection. With advancing Technolgy prices for Security Cameras, motion detectors and other devices suitable for this purpose.

For security cameras, I suggest wired cameras for two reasons:

1) they aren't dependent on WiFi which is hackable and dependent on an active signal from a ISP.

2) you can still have a situation awareness with a wired system if the power goes out with a secondary power source.

Price ranges from $100 to over $1000 and available on all major online stores. (Amazon, Ebay)

Keep in mind when buying a camera system, make sure the DVR has least 1 terabyte for longer recording time. Most systems accept SATA type computer hard drives which can be purchased cheap used.  Always buy at least two backups.

Position all cameras at access points with small overlaps in view for 100% coverage.

Using a third party HDMI wireless transmitter will allow for DVR to be hidden within the property to help prevent burglars and others from stealing or destroying footage of their crime.

Motion Detectors:

Driveway motion detectors are cheap, have a good range and give an early warning to entry onto the property.  Some systems give zone warnings.

placement should be as close to entry points and since they can spread over 80ft, placement in wooded areas where access could occur.

Zones with motion detectors should also have a camera that corresponds to motion detectors.


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