April 4, 2018

Planned Parenthood, an abortion provider, who just received $500 million from taxpayers this year was a large contributor to the kids from Parkland, joining the list with the likes of Mom's Demand and Everytown to push widely unpopular gun control in the US. While, to some, this might seem like a kind gesture to give a hand to some kids who want to change the world, it isn't. 

Why would an organization that has killed millions of babies (the majority of their victims' being minorities) be so quick to jump into the gun control debate?  Simple: marketing and ideology.

Planned Parenthood targets segments of the population that they believe are good for business and marching behind kids, not under the banner of abortions but rather "saving lives". To avoid the "repulsive" reaction by parents of such young kids being exposed to what they do; it simply plants the name to a cause and gets their advertisement to young teens in a clean and non-blood on your hand's type of way. 

This sort of strange teaming ups' will become more and more common, the further the progressives more left of center, because by themselves these groups and causes cannot survive and without the billions of dollars funneled by left/socialist elites who wish nothing more than disarming us peasants, for the effect of causing more dependence on government, we must stand strong and resolve to push a true grassroots pushback for our rights. These groups pushing gun control and repeal of the 2nd amendment have a very strong leaning to Communist ideology, made sugar coated to independents via the people who are figureheads of the movement.  The use of "moderated" language, like "sensible" and "safety" and appeals to emotion meanwhile, using strong and profane language against their opponents, under the guise of being morally justified to do so, reaks of 20th-century communism and their transformative tactics for mass appeal.

Mao, powerful communist leader once said:  "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun."  

This movement is a reflection of that ideal, that the ones with the guns, control the destiny of themselves and the collective,  whereby disarming us, gives the monopoly of violence to the government. 

Planned Parenthood would fit in future dystopian America.after all, Communist countries enforce limits on how many kids per family are allowed and encourage the killing of babies to justify a stronger common collective. The lives of one never equal the collective good, by this ideological pillar, Planned Parenthood would make a killing (no pun intended) in China.


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