April 5, 2018

If you are new to firearms or have lived under a rock for the last 30 years, you might not have heard about Glock Firearms. If so here are some quick details. In 1981, Glcok GES. M.B.H was founded by Gaston Glock his trademarks:
use of plastics, metal and most notably his Safe Action Pistols Design. Glock Pistols come in various calibers, sizes, and configurations. Today I will be reviewing the Glock 43, Glocks most anticipated release in history.

The Specs:

Caliber: 9x19(9mm)/Safe action
Length: 6.26in
Height: 4.25in
Width: 1.02in
the length between sights: 5.20
Barrel length: 3.39
unloaded weight: 17.95 oz
loaded weight: 22.38 oz
Trigger Pull: 5.5 pounds
Barrel Rifling: Right Hand Hexagonal
Length of Twist: 9.84
Magazine capacity: 6 (single stack)
Two Magazines included one with an extension, one without.
Suggested retail: $550 USD
Actual Price: $448

The Good:

Weight feels balanced and light but keeps the classic Glock look. Slide fit is tight and racking the slide felt clean and took little effort and shouldn't be hard for people with smaller hands or a weak grip to accomplish. Trigger pull was smooth with a mid-way break and great reset. The 6 round magazine releases easily and locks into place perfectly with no wobble.  Sights are the classic fixed Glock style that features white rear and front sights, with easy target acquisition. Shots grouped within center mass at 5 & 10 yards and recoil was very manageable due to Glock's dual-spring design.

Ammo used: (119 grain)American Eagle FMJ, (124grain) Hydra-shok JHP and (115 grain) Tula Ammo steal casing. The 43 cycled it all flawlessly.

The Bad:
(Well not really bad but some things to consider. )

I have large hands and the G43 without the extension on the magazine isn't balanced in my hand when shooting.When using the mag included that features an extension, this was corrected.

  To some, the magazine capacity of 6 rounds, would be a deterrent, but if you are looking for an ITWB or ITP carry pistol, nothing beats a single stack.


I wanted a new conceal carry that wouldn't print no matter how I conceal carry it. I have tried double stack compact pistols and they always felt bulky and printed especially when carrying inside the waistband. With The Glock 43,  No printing, the guns weight disappeared after carrying for a few minutes and going from sitting in the vehicle to exiting and standing was very comfortable when using my Alien's neoprene inside the waistband holster. Everything about the 43 is quality, I feel very comfortable and confident that it will function as it should in a self-defense situation.  5 stars.

Check Out the Glock 43 or other models here


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