February 16, 2014

The first prototypes of a high tech suit of armor which would give soldiers superhuman abilities could be ready this summer, says top military officials. Many who have seen the new suits have commented on the similarities when compared to the Marvel Comic's Iron Man suit.

... talos-tactical-assault-light-operator-suit/?goback=%2Egde_3061043The suit is named Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, or TALOS and is being developed by engineers at MIT; the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM). Many other third party researchers have joined the effort in development and testing as well.

 The TALOS technology will be rigorously tested and Adm. McRaven of the U.S. Special Forces Command issued a statement saying in will be in the field by August 2018 or earlier.

"That suit, if done correctly, will yield a revolutionary improvement in survivability and capability for special operators," McRaven said at the 25th annual Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict conference this week in Washington, D.C., according to Military.com.
 The suit has 360 degree cameras with built-in night vision capabilities and can detect injuries and apply wound-sealing foam and bulletproof armor. Developers have also noted TALOS suits may include full body Exoskeletons complete with screens that display soldiers surroundings, according to Military.com
"The technology could give American soldiers a "huge comparative advantage over our enemies and give our warriors the protection they need," McRaven said.


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