February 1, 2014

An Auburn, Maine bus driver called 911 after hearing a child on his bus say "rifle" out loud, stating "that he did not dare to confront the student" which how can we blame him, given the outlandishness fear our leaders have instilled in our society about lifeless objects and their large capacity "clips"; had police handle it. After the State Police searched the young boy's backpack they found a power ranger plastic gun! No charges were filed but the school has decided to have a meeting with the parents and decide what punishment is necessary.

This sort of behavior, which might seem random or founded on good intentions but not be so innocent in nature. Public schools are government indoctrination stations, where children are told what is right and wrong, after all us parents just are to busy working to keep a roof over our own heads to actually instill good American civic responsibility. But really think about it, what better way to delete the 2nd amendment from our collective rights than to demonize them at every turn. Children across the country have been suspended just for making a gun gesture with their hands, or with their lunch. It is truly sad indeed and the only way to correct this course of events to have law-abiding citizens lawfully open carry or have open discussions about our right to own guns. I believe a lot of gun owners are too scared to come out and say they own firearms, and a lot of anti-gun people might be really surprised to find out that their best friends, family or any other non-school shooter safely owns and uses firearms.   Molon Labe.


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