April 5, 2018

The Antifa movement is a conglomeration of autonomous, self-styled anti-fascist militant groups in the United States. Who uses violence, harassment, and slander to stop dissenting opinions not related to fascism. They target conservatives, Patriots, and libertarians online, in the public square and at demonstrations. They are responsible for thousands of dollars worth of property damage and countless innocent peoples bodily injuries.

Who comprises the group? Mostly whiny middle-class spoiled brats who couldn't deal with the loss of their dear leader Sanders to the wicked witch of New York, Hillary Clinton. Trained in their ideological brainwashing by overpaid college professors who praise the communist uprisings of the 20th century and gloss over the millions killed by it. In this way, they feel victimized because their lesbian dance theory degree isn't getting them a job and all their role models telling them that they are special snowflakes who can do whatever they want in life, which now means yelling "Nazi" at senior citizens for their MAGA hat.

While I make fun of them, they are a serious threat to innocent people. They have been secretly filmed arming themselves with knives, chains, and other weapons all the while happily talking about beating people bloodily or killing the "Nazis".

Patriots need to have a heightened situational awareness, practice and deploy crowd movement tactics to keep from being surrounded and ALWAYS FILM to save your own ass and to identify threats by face and list them to a group watchlist to avoid inflation and future violence.

If allowed, patriot groups should have non-lethal means of self-defense I.E. pepper spray, flag poles, and bullhorns.

Number One rule: Never back down, voice your opinion and stand tall.


  1. You have to stop being so shy, and sway what you mean. LOL Excellent article.

  2. Thousands of dollars worth of property damage and countless innocent peoples bodily injuries.life


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