April 5, 2018

The attack on 2nd Amendment and it's proponents have been present in daily culture for two decades and have had numerous "victories" including the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, various states imposing strict laws regarding ownership, registration and even costly background checks on ammo.

Are guns the real threat? Or is it a shifting of culture and a moral breakdown of American values.

Lately, if you own a phone, tv or computer you have seen at times the vile and disgusting propaganda they thrust into the American debate. "Child murders, blood on your hands and face and even going so far as calling a major portion of Americans "sick fucks. " (1)  Even more surprising is the lack of media correcting him, or calling him out for his hardline tactics and name calling and actually joining him in his smear campaign and helping to remove sponsors from the NRA.  What's Mr. Hogg responsive to his bullying? "They need to be more objective" and lectures the opposition how to be civil. Despicable.

Using "children"  to push an ideological agenda isn't new in world history and but it is in the USA. The groups that are propping up the Parkland gang behind the scenes have been unsuccessful on their own. But it seems like they are gaining traction using the kids as a criticism shield, creating a vacuum of opinions slanted to their cause.  To understand their goals, we must know the hows and whys it's growing into a movement among this generation.

The demonization of firearms:  Children at public schools being told they cannot wear NRA t-shirts or depictions of firearms on clothes. A student was suspended for eating a pop tart into a pistol. another student was suspended for drawing a stick figure man with a hunting rifle. Another school until recent outcry suspended students who had contact with firearms OUTSIDE of school. Target practice at a range.

Public Schools and lack of constitutional education: Another than a brief overview of the bill of rights, there is no in-depth discussion of case law, precedent or real-world application of rights as they apply to citizens. Some textbooks misquote the second amendment as a right of the militia which goes against the Heller decision by the Supreme Court, which upheld the individual right to self-defense.

Lack of safe exposure to firearms: With lack of knowledge, experience, and correct information, Fear is fostered against firearms and their owners. throughout the 20th century, public schools had rifle target practice as a part of P.E and during that time mass shootings were not in the vocabulary of the American people.

Emotion, not fact is the rallying cry:  Despite gun-related crime at the lowest levels since the early 90's and deaths lower as well, we see and hear emotional appeals to restrict our rights without facts to back up their appeals.

"We aren't coming for your guns" claim: The Parkland gang have reassured the American People that they only want to have sensible reform. This is a bold face lie. Members of their own group have said give us an inch and we'll take a mile along with repeal the 2nd amendment themes throughout their speeches. Now media, former supreme court justices and elected officials including the Vice President of the DNC have openly called for the repeal the 2nd amendment. Would these officials have a platform without the Parkland gang? Nope.

They are coming for your guns and your right to self-defense.

The push for progressive politics in schools and the push for politically correct speech has fed this movement.  The collective, not the individual is the focus, this is a direct correlation to the communist ideals of China, the former USSR, and North Korea.  The most fundamental roadblock to their agenda is the right to self-defense.

"Political power grows from the barrel of a gun," said Communist MAO.

The conservative/patriot movement, American values such as love of country and national pride is their mortal enemy.

Teachers are pushing American history through the lens of evil. Slavery, evil capitalism and demonizing the founding fathers and soldiers of foreign wars as misguided and murders, brainwashed by US propaganda. The targeting of the south's history during the Civil War and removing history from the public square is exactly how communist movements start. Rewrite history and remove the nation's identity, leaving the citizenry wanting a new moral identity.

The latest push to remove the right to self-defense is the first step and if we remain silent, this next generation will learn a very hard lesson that millions in history have died to learn.


(1) David Hogg interview, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIRNURx1-3E


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